How to Generate Significant Income From Digital Marketing Monthly

by Idowu Olaoluwa |10 December, 2020

If you are looking for Multi level marketing schemes or peer to peer platforms , This is not the page for you.

If you are looking for A Get Rich Quick Scheme, this is not what you should be reading.

If you are looking for a business that you will have to be referring people upon people , this is no go area for you.

If your quest is for a platform that will turn you to a millionaire overnight, i assure you this isn't the right thing for you to read.

If you are looking for a fast crypto currency deal or app that pays you for doing nothing , Then i will advise you don't even bother yourself by reading this.


If you are looking for a reliable venture that you will work and Earn Good money , then you can continue reading.

If you are looking for a business where you are guaranteed to make money every single month provided you are hardworking , then this is the page for you.

If you are looking for a business where you don’t have to fear any legal repercussion that the Police or EFCC will start looking for you , You are in the right place.

If you are looking for a business or side hustle you can easily combine with your 9-5 or your other businesses , then this is the page for you.

If you are yearning for a reliable business model that will not crash or leave you hanging after a while , then you are welcome on board.

If you are yearning and craving for financial independence and freedom all these years , then you have are lucky to be here.

(1) What is Digital/Affiliate Marketing ?

This is the first major question any one interested in this field would ask . What does Digital marketing mean ?

Digital marketing be defined as the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones ,subway platforms, video games and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. Digital marketing techniques such as Search Engines Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Content Automation, E-commerce marketing, Social media marketing, E-mail direct marketing, Display Advertising, E-books etc.

It is under Digital Marketing Techniques that AFFILIATE MARKETING IS FOUND.


Affiliate marketing simply means a marketing and advertising process involving digital technologies using tools and setups wherein the products, information and services pertaining to a brand , company or individual are advertised to the consumers and clients in return for a commission on sale/traffic generated .


Many would ask “ How legit is Affiliate marketing “ ? To ensure that you don’t feel I am exaggerating or anything , please feel free to google the above topic and how much an average marketer is making .

One of the things you will always remember is the fact that you actually researched and saw how immensely benefitting affiliate marketing is . There is a difference between being told , seeing it yourself and then experiencing it yourself .

To grow and achieve financial independence , you must be able to think for yourself and also educate yourself .

So here’s your first task before I even share my own experience at all,  Please Google

‘ how legit is affiliate marketing ?
‘ how much does a digital marketer make “?
“ How lucrative is digital and affiliate marketing ?

Please kindly do that research online and educate yourself before you continue on the page

(2) My Experience with Digital/Affiliate Marketing 


Some of the questions that may arise after your research is

“ is Affiliate marketing really for me “ ?
“ I don’t think I have the boldness to market “ ?
“ I am an introvert , can I sustain this ?

" This project might be taking most of my time ?

One Thing you have to know is that marketing has always been a day to day activity for most of us . Our everyday life is full of instances of marketing . Whether you take affiliate marketing or not , you are already a marketer , the only difference is that you are getting paid for one .

Posting your picture on Social media is a form of
Marketing .

Going out to get stuffs at the market and bargaining with the seller for a lease price is a form of marketing

Telling your friends to listen to a particular song of your Favourite artiste is an act of marketing .

Asking somebody out or giving green light to someone you are interested in is definitely marketing .

If you can do some or all of these things , there’s nothing stopping or hindering you from being a digital or affiliate marketer . As you will later found out , Digital and affiliate marketing are things you can do without even stepping out of your home or if you are a business/9-5 worker , something you can do alongside your daily hustle .

Nothing , I repeat Nothing should and can stop you from making money through digital marketing except yourself . Only you can stop yourself from attaining financial independence through this means.

I remember when i started Digital marketing around October ending , 2020 . One thing I am going to try and be with you is to be as honest and open as possible .

Been actively involved in music and legal work , I had doubted the efficacy of Digital marketing as a legitimate side hustle and whether I would have the time to actually do it .

Like the opportunity I gave everyone on this thread , I made my research about affiliate and digital marketing and saw that it indeed was very profitable , legitimate and easy to learn .

I spent days and even weeks weighing my options between joining Tradera , doing crypto, ( I won’t mention the third option  ) or doing digital / affiliate marketing .

In choosing the option I finally went with , there were some factors I considered

1) the one that wouldn’t require my doing referrals upon referrals to sustain my account or make money

2) the one that is totally legitimate and no review in law or order from the CBN can destabilize my business anytime ( this is Nigeria where crazy policies can make one lose all their investments )

3) The one I have little or no risks

4) The One I can make money while sleeping

5) The one I can get paid in both naira and dollars

6) The one I can use the skills  i have learnt for multi purposes

7) The one EFCC and ICPC will not be looking for me up and down 

After I considered these factors critically , I asked around once more and made additional physical consultations and I discovered that the ultimate option that fulfilled And complied with my requirements Is DIGITAL/ AFFILIATE MARKETING.

How Do I Start ?

The next question that came to my mind was how do I start ? Where do I learn ?

I saw a lot of programme online . Some charged as high as 300k . 350k to learn digital marketing . You can check online to verify these yourself

. They know how much people are making from the thing. Now that I am into the programme , I know that even if they charge 500k , it is worth the value of the knowledge you will be gaining and the revenue you will getting from the knowledge .

A renowned lawyer who was also into digital and affiliate marketing then introduced me to the 72Ig training and the Expertnaire upon my inquiry of a platform where I can learn everything I need to know about digital/affiliate marketing.

I compared the training with other available training programs I have seen for a while and agreed to go with it and truthfully, it’s one of the best decisions I have made this year and in a long while. 

(3) The 72IG Implementation Program

A video that explains better what the 72iG program is all about can be accessed HERE!!!. 

You should endeavor to watch the video to know and clarify any confusion you may have about the program or its value.

I decided to go with this particular programme because honestly , it was really the best training programme I could come across after my extensive search on the internet. Upon proper perusal again to be very sure I know what I am doing , I was convinced beyond doubts this was the course I needed and I paid the money for registration.

After payment , i started the lessons . From the very first video, I knew I made the right decision . The first video prepped us for what is coming. Motivated us and made us know that financial freedom is achievable.

Day One , Day Two , . By Day 6 of the training , I was ready to go and practice all that have been said .

Within two weeks of registration applying all that I have learnt , I made 80k. This was in November , 2020. I was combining this with my 9 - 5 job , dedicating at least 45 mins a day to the learning and practicing . By the end of November , I made a 100k .

I never even believed I could make that much in that short period until I got to the support group of the training and I saw people that earned up to 300k ,500k and even a million naira within a month from digital and affiliate marketing tools and templates Learnt from the training .

If I was told two months ago , there’s a platform I could make a 100k within a month without doing anything illegal , I would have doubted. Not until I experienced it myself .


(4) You have the Ultimate Power

I will tell you how to become rich.To make money , you must invest money ” — Warren Buffett

A lot of us complain about the state of things . Complain about our financial life . Complain about the Economy . Complain about food . Complain about how difficult it is to get a source of income .

What thing we however never do is to “ Take the opportunity when we finally see one “ . Most people miss out on life changing opportunities because they are not ready to invest .

“ oh , I cannot not spend that much money on investing in my self and training myself “ .

“ oh I just want to make quick money only , I don’t want to learn anything “

Poor People look at how much money they are Spending . Rich people look at how much value they are getting ” — Bill Gates

Every Wealthy person in the world today understands the principle of Value .

I could post hundreds of pictures and screenshots of people making money on Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Expertnaire, ClickBank, Daba etc from the knowledge of digital/affiliate marketing which they learnt through this training but that would be insignificant if you don't understand the principle of Value.


What am I gaining in the long Run ?
Is this model sustainable ?
Will I get more money if I am consistent and put work into this model ?Am I gaining value ? Will I be adding value to those I am selling to ?

These and many more tips , tools and templates on achieving Financial success through Digital/Affiliate Marketing is what you will be getting from this Program-me.

Break Free From Fear That has been holding a lot of Nigerians in darkness .

The only way you can attain Financial independence is to “ GET UP AND WORK HARD FOR YOURSELF “.

Stop Collecting Fish , Start catching Fishes .

 You are about to make one of the best financial decisions of your life as i welcome you on board to the league of financially independent people in Nigeria .

Yours Sincerely,                                                                                                         Olaoluwa

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